*ARCHIVES II* (continued from *Archives I*)

7 June 2012: Dissecting the News Dissector: Review of Danny Schechter's Blogothon: Reflections and Revelations from the News Dissector
18 June 2012: Take Back America 2012: Despair and Yet Feathered Hope
28 June 2012:"Welcome to Cuba," Says the Disgruntled Right: Roberts Saves the Day(s) for Obamacare
30 June 2012: Illegal Immigrant Voter Lists Threaten Franchise of Democratic Voters
4 July 2012: What to Celebrate and Other Days to Remember
25 July 2012: Environmentalist Lillian Light* asks, "Can We Stop the Frack Attack?"
28 July 2012: The Olympics: London When Penn State Went Straight
10 August 2012: Palasthenics: Greg Palast's "Billionaires and Ballot Busters: How to Steal an Election in 9 Easy Steps"
16 August 2012: Reading Time: The New New Deal
5 October 2012: October Surprises
22 October 2012: Palast at DC's BB&P on $$$ vs. VOTES
29 October 2012: Avant la Déluge
REVIEW: Harvey Wasserman and Bob Fitrakis, Will the GOP Steal America's 2012 Election?
6 November 2012: Fitrakis-Wasserman Announce Filing Restraining Order at Press Conference
4 December 2012: When Fiction Is Truth: EI Makes It to Prime Time
8 December 2012: Zazzy with Kicks for Us Kids
10 December 2012: EI: "We've Only Just Begun"(as sung by Roberts and His Three Backups, Thomas, Scalia, and Alito)
15 December 2012: Bang, Bang, You're Dead!
21 December 2012: Doomsday? Solace from the Solstice? Christmas?
22 January 2013: Inauguration Day/MLK Day
26 January 2013: March on Washington for Gun Control
8 February 2013: Is EI Hot or What?
12 February 2013: Paper, Plastic, or Both: Must "Integrity" Mean "Consistent"?
12 February 2013: This Year's SOTU: We Must All Defend Our Freedom
17 January 2013: "Forward on Climate" Rally and March
13 April 2013: "Forward on Climate" Rally and March
13 April 2013: The Horror, the Horror
27 February 2013: Supreme Court Rally to Protect Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act
8 March 2013: Werner Herzog's HAPPY PEOPLE: A YEAR IN TAIGA: Details of the Good Life in a Frozen Shangri La
1 April 2013: Democratic Doomsday? The Slippery Slope of GOP Election Deceit
1 April 2013: Culture Vulture's Picnic!: Thoughts on two cultural events I attended in DC last week: Beethoven's only violin concerto and Shakespeare's "Coriolanus."
30 April 2013: Justice O'Connor "summons up remembrance of things past"
26 May 2013: Scatter My Ashes on Bergdorf Goodman's
23 May 2013: Friedan Turns Fifty: Some Very Unfinished Business
27 May 2013: ???What Shall We Do for Memorial Day???
25 June 2013: VRA Section 4 Struck Down: What Happens Next?
4 July 2013: An Irreverent Redaction
18 July 2013: Reply to New York Times Opinionator blog, wondering about comparisons between classical and other genres of music, specifically the Difference between Mozart and the Beatles
31 July 2013: Obama Goes Progressive: Renaissance or Red Herring?
4 August 2013: Sunday Sermon on Vanquishing Religious Hypocrisy to Save the World: How to Transcend It
22 August 2013: Coalition in DC Fracks Fracking Today
11 September 2013: "Attack on America"
28 September 2013: Film Review: Inequality for All,
Directed by Jacob Kornbluth, Narrated by Robert Reich

2 October 2013: The Capitol Beat: Two Hundred Some Cups of Tea and Still Brewing
1 October 2013: Around Capitol Hill the Day It Closed: Photo Essay
24 October 2013: Two Repining Justices but No Justice? But the People Spoke!

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